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5 - 8 decemberKlippan, Sweden

Four days of coding, inspiration and Christmas coziness - could there be a better Christmas gift?

Robot Coding &  Arduino Programming

Winter is coming! Let’s light the candles, pick out the gingerbread cookies and code together to the sound of Jinglebells. It’s time for Christmas Coding! 

The Pink Programming Christmas Coding Camp is for anyone interested in coding, no matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced coder. You’ll have time to either work on your own project, online tutorials or take part the workshops that we’ll offer throughout the week in Robot Coding, Arduino or GitHub. We will be staying at a cozy house in Klippan in the south of Sweden. When we don’t code we’ll do yoga, bake saffron buns and watch Christmas movies. 


Tengai Robot Workshop

During this workshop you’ll learn how to program a social robot - i.e. you will have to decide what the robot says, how it responds to questions and how it blinks, nods and smiles, during the interaction with a real person. 

We will use Kotlin as the programming language but you don’t need to have any experience in Kotlin to be able to participate in the workshop, but some general programming knowledge from any programming language is needed, preferably Java, C# or similar. You will code on your own laptop and run the code in a robot simulator. 

 Vanja and Alexandra from Tengai Unbiased, will be there to support and help you during the workshop.

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Arduino Workshop

Arduino is an open-source electronics platform used for prototyping and DIY projects where hardware and software are combined. In this workshop, you will get a basic knowledge of electronic components and will learn how to set up electronic circuits that we program to create cool outputs. The Arduino boards are able to read inputs like light on a sensor or a finger on a button which, makes them perfect for designing and building devices that interact with the real world. Perhaps an ugly Christmas sweater with wearable electronics? 

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GitHub Workshop

Get your git going! GitHub is a tool for version control used in almost every professional programming context. We'll guide you through the benefit of good version control, get you started with the software and give you all the tricks and tips. 

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All you need to know

When and where?
Thursday December the 5th at 12:00 to Sunday December the 8th at 13:00 in Klippan, Skåne (detailed instructions on how to get to the camp will be sent out to the participant before the camp).

Who is this camp for? 
We welcome all women-identified, whether they are girls, aunts, ladies, cis or trans. Our events are of course also open to those who do not identify themselves as women but because of gender identity does not feel represented among programmers.

This camp is for both beginners and experienced coders. For the Tengai Robot Coding Workshop, you will need some previous experience, but it's not mandatory to take part in.

When will the tickets be released?

October 25th 2019, 12.00.

What is the ticket price? 
- Corporate price: 9000 SEK
- Regular price: 5600 SEK
- Student or unemployed price: 2300 SEK

            What is included in the ticket price?
            - Shared accommodation in our beautiful house in Klippan. We want to give an extra notice that you will share room with other participants.
            - All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) which we will cook together at the house.
            - Programming workshops on Tengai Robot Coding, Arduino and GitHuh, and of course the possibility to work on your own projects with some guidance from the camp leaders. 

            What is not included?
            - Travel costs are not included in the price. Although, we advise you to take the train to Perstorp train station where will pick you up. If arriving by car we will provide you with the address.
            - Sheets and towels are not included, so you will have to bring your own.
            - Insurance (Please check with your insurance company and make sure that you are covered)

            Which languages will we speak at the camp?
            Depending on the participants, we will speak either English or Swedish, or both :). 

            Will there be snow like in the cover photo?
            Well, probably not, since we’ll be in Skåne, but we’ll do our best to get the Christmas vibe going either way!

            Is this camp only for those who celebrate Christmas?
            Of course not! In Pink Programming, you are welcome no matter what religion you have or do not have. We who organize this camp simply like the Christmas coziness, but few of us are Christian at all. Apart from culturally Christmas-related activities such as gingerbread baking, there won’t be any religious activities at all during this camp. Whoever you are and however you identify culturally or religiously, you are more than welcome!

            Would you like to organize a camp related to some other holiday?

            Apply to become a volunteer, and then contact the board to check out the possibilities! Pink Programming <3 Camps!

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                  Your friends at the camp

                  Alexandra Antgren
                  Workshop Leader & Code Mentor

                  Alexandra discovered the joy of programming at a Pink Programming camp herself two years ago and has been hooked since. She is an Industrial Engineering student at LTH and also works at Tengai Unbaised.  She has a masters in enjoying life and likes to train kickboxing. At this camp Alexandra will make sure you have a great stay and be there to support and assist you in your learning! 

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                  Tone Pedersen
                  Workshop Leader & Code Mentor

                  Co-founder of Pink Programming, adventurer and extreme sporter and is working within data science. Don't be afraid to challenge her to go on a tricky mountain bike ride or to run a marathon a day. This adventurer will not let you down.

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                  Vanja Tufvesson
                  Workshop Leader and Code Mentor

                  Vanja works as CTO at HR Tech startup Tengai Unbiased, developing the worlds first unbiased, social recruitment robot. She is also one of the co founders of Pink Programming and has a passion for teaching and spreading the joy of programming. At this camp, Vanja will teach you everything she knows about how to code a social robot. Vanja is also a certified yoga teacher. During the camp she will hold daily vinyasa yoga classes for beginners.

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                  Sara Thiringer
                  Camp Manager

                  Sara is studying informatics and statistics in Lund. Before and during the camp, she will deal with all the practical things such as accommodation, cooking, communication, and schedule. She'll make sure you get the most of this camp!

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                  Matilda Andersson
                  Workshop Leader & Code Mentor

                  With a passion for teaching and spreading the joy of programming and with some experience in development, Matilda will support and assist you through the different programming tasks. For those still not sure if they want to fully join the programming world or not - ask Matilda to share her story about why she has now decided to study Computer Science.

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